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Game Economy Designer - Remote


We are looking for a Game Economy Designer to join our team! As a Game Economy Designer, you will be strategically structuring the economic systems and supporting features of Veloxia’s casual and mid-core games, plus providing data-backed recommendations on design, balance, and pricing. You will be collaborating with game designers and product managers to successfully create and balance the game economy, eventually structuring the players behavior within the game by leveraging real player data and gathering feedback. 

Game Economy Designer Responsibilities:
  • Create game economy simulations and evaluate their performance & their impact on player experience.
  • Design flexible economy systems and features (progression & reward structures, currencies, sinks & sources etc.) aligned with the creative, game, and monetization directions.  
  • Work closely with the game design team to come up with pricing strategies for items, events, and services.
  • Balance and adapt your work based on technical and production constraints, play test results, and comments from cross-functional teams.
  • Write and maintain design documentation that will serve as a reference to guide interdependent teams.
  • Provide your input on in-game content and pricing + come up with suggestions to refine designs.  
  • Develop a plan for collecting and evaluating player feedback, post-launch.
  • Assess the impacts of adding, removing, or updating content on player engagement.

Game Economy Designer Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Game Design, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, or similar field
  • In-depth knowledge of Excel 
  • An understanding of player motivation & a passion for video games
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Passion for games
  • Understanding of system design, game balancing, and game economies
  • Excellent attention to detail