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Multiplayer Game Designer - Remote


A Multiplayer Game Designer envisions, designs and produces high-end concepts and experiences for millions of users. You will be leading and driving the overall vision of our game design processes together with the related conceptual designs, focusing on the gameplay elements of a map. You will be responsible for map, environment planning, creating metric definition for space, level blockout and iteration.You will be responsible for the entire feature life cycle, from early stages all the way through to release and frequent post-launch updates.  

At Veloxia, we have a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment, encouraging and challenging each other to go beyond our limits. We are a team of hard working and creative individuals who pursue quality and have a thirst for innovation. We need a highly creative, curious and analytical designer who is excited to be part of the team to create stunning work.

What you’ll be doing

  • Design game ideas and visual concepts from scratch
  • Develop concepts (i.e. characters, levels, scenarios and experiences)
  • Create, standardize and maintain design documentation, including feature specification and implementation guidelines
  • Produce and oversee global UX/UI flow with detailed requirements while adapting it to the changing needs
  • Implement the priorities and goals, focusing on the gameplay elements of a map.
  • Create documentation and prototypes for any specific level systems and gameplay.
  • Collaborate with the development team to envision and iterate developed concepts
  • Analyze and interpret data and make meaningful conclusions to provide insights on game features/mechanics/theme, helping to set the strategic direction for the games
  • Grow and foster a user-oriented design culture
  • Support other parts related to visual communication with VFX, UI, and 2D Animation
  • Support the game development process from A to Z
  • Conduct game-design related split tests

Where you’ll grow:

  • Ability to make data driven decisions from large chunks of information
  • Creating unique experiences and journeys for millions of users
  • Modeling UX flow and driving users to take desired actions 

Desired skills and experiences:

  • 2+ years of relevant work experience
  • Highly creative problem solving skills
  • Attention to detail, thirst for continuous learning and delivering quality work
  • Excellent understanding of game balance, components and the play experience
  • Capability to work independently with minimum supervision
  • Enthusiasm and experience in game design/systems and balancing game economies, someone looking to have the opportunity to design from scratch and ultimately launch a global hit game that millions of players will play
  • Extensive ideas of new game prototypes 
  • Strong & concise communicator of game concepts
  • Hunger and passion for making and playing games; being curious and thinking critically about why games succeed and fail
  • Able to analyze and compare game-play and game aspects across genres
  • Open and flexible enough to receive & adjust design choices upon valid feedback, but strong enough to back your own ideas & opinions
  • Self-reliance, self-motivation, good communication skills, and team-player attitude